Martabak Cult is a collection of 3.200 unique Droids from the future, developed from a secret mission in 2031 by the Rebels to fight the oppressive military bots.

Droids are generated from over 150 assets with unique identities. These Droids live on the Polygon blockchain as ERC-721 tokens and yield daily $MTBK (Martabak) as ERC-20 tokens.

The Droids

3 types of Droids are serving the Martabak Cult during the activation phase known as the C-Models. Each of them has the ability to generate $MTBK token daily at different rates. Rarity levels depend on the type and the properties and will be revealed shortly after metadata reveal. You can start minting C-Model Droids for 0.04 wETH each. You will get random droids from the following types:



In the year 2030, the war had left lots of droids deactivated and forgotten. A mysterious group of rebels, calling themselves the Martabak Cult released an AI codenamed Maya, in order to bring back the droids to life for their own profits and the resistance. Running the AI on a decentralized network, the cult was securing the droids from government control and gain a considerable advantage in their fight. Every rebel who bought a droid instantly became a part of the Martabak Cult, and gained the following abilities:

Utility Token $MTBK

Producing $MTBK is the default mission that the Droids are programmed to do.
The owner of the droids can claim, and use $MTBK to breed D-models. Droids will start producing tokens daily right after they are minted.

$MTBK is the core utility token of the project, breeding is only the first step.

Breeding Facility

After all C-model Droids are activated, a breeding facility will become available. One couple of C-model droids (an Android + a Gynoid) will be able to breed a Non-Binary D-models using $MTBK.


Each droids can be boosted one time to generate +10 $MTBK daily. This can be done during minting or after minting. Boost can be activated for 0.02 wETH.




3.200 C-Models Droids available to mint at .04 wETH.

Martabak Token ($MTBK) daily claim.

Booster can be activated to your Droid(s) giving +10 $MTBK/day for .02 wETH.

Breeding will be available after C-Models are sold out. Costs 1500 $MTBK.

6.000 Non-Binary D-Model Droids to get activated through breeding. Created from brand new assets.

25.000$ will be donated to various projects in Indonesia on different topics such as; sustainability projects, public kitchens, and free schools project at far east.


The Martaverse is a 2D world where Martabak Cult members can interact with the Cult ecosystem, hang out with other members, buy new items, eat a piece of Martabak and fight true evil.

A very simple first version is being developed as a proof of concept and to validate the tech stack. It will include:
- A 2D game with a single level (Martabak Cult HQ), where players can navigate around
- An NPC to whom you can claim your $MTBK
- Display $MTBK balance in-game

After the initial features, development will move toward:
- Integration of a playable character represented by an NFT. Only Martabak Cult NFTs holders will be able to summon playable characters.
- Each character will be given a set of traits and level, upgradable through items, consumable… Giving the player in-game and on-chain benefits.
- In-game voting station to take part in the DAO voting
- In-game shop, to buy wearable, consumable, or sell your items to other players, raffle tickets…
- Online capabilities to meet and interact with other players.
- DEFI capabilities depending on player level and equipment.

Things that can happen on the go when we feel like it:
- Mini play to earn games within the Martaverse.
- An arena, which offers PVE challenges utilized as a beta test zone for the game PVE features and easily get feedback from players.
- A PVP mode, where players can compete with each other, gambling included.

Produced by: MartabakCult
Smart Contracts Build: MartabakCult Engineering
FE Build: MartabakCult Engineering
Identity Design: MartabakCult Studio


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